Nearly 87%

of all homes are

Equipped with AC

The amount of energy the


Uses Every year to

power our air conditioners

is about the

same amount

of energy consumed by the entire

continent of africa

The average american spends over


a year for home energy costs


40% or $880

of that goes to

running the ac

by purchasing a

more efficient ac unit

you can drastically reduce

the amount of energy used

and ultimately

how much you have to pay

expected New air conditioner

reduction in electricity

against existing ac Units

Choose your existing AC Unit’s Efficiency rating

  • SEER 14
  • SEER 15
  • SEER 16
  • SEER 18
  • SEER 20
  • SEER 25

Expected Reduction in Electricity

Replacing existing equipment with

Energy Star

qualified products can cut energy bills by

30% or $600 per year

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